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Aftermath: Chapter 4

Title: Aftermath
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~9000 (Chapter 4)
Characters: Beclem, Nooj, Maroda, Isaaru
Notes: It can't really have taken me a year and a half to write this chapter. Except for how it did. Oops. For anyone who's been reading along and may have forgotten what happened in the interim, here's a summary of the story so far:

In the terrible aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen, Beclem overhears Auron accusing Kinoc of orchestrating the disaster to bring the Crusaders in line. Angry, he vows to leave the Crusaders and have nothing to do with Yevon ever again. He leaves the beach in disgust and heads for his home in Luca. On the way, he meets Nooj, who is on the run from the Crimson Squad and (unbeknownst to Beclem) the shooting at the Travel Agency. He and Nooj lie low for a few days before traveling to Luca together, where they stay through the final battle with Sin.

After Lady Yuna's speech, which leaves Beclem even more disillusioned with Yevon and its former tools, the summoners, Nooj declares that he is going home to Kilika to help with the rebuilding effort. At a loss for anything else to do, and wanting to continue serving Spira even though the Crusaders are no more, Beclem volunteers to come along. However, after a few months there, he finds that construction work is even less to his liking than doing nothing. Then Lucil arrives from Bevelle and invites them to join the Seekers, the sphere hunting group created by the former priest Trema. After some discussion with Nooj, Beclem agrees to come to Bevelle despite his misgivings at working with former Yevonites.

The next chapter is humming merrily along, so I really, really do think that it will be finished this year. I mean it this time. Thanks, as always, to Renay for beta duty!

Available on AO3 and FF.net.
Tags: aftermath, ffx, ffx-2, posting

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