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FFEX! Recs!

Getting in on the recc'ing action for FFEX, in honor of signups being extended to TODAY! Haven't signed up yet? Go ye forth and join in!

FFX/FFX-2 fic:

On the Precipice of the World by cyrnelle: An excellent pilgrimage story, lovely all around but especially for the conversation with Father Zuke, a character we don't seen nearly enough of in fanfic.

Thinking-Not-Thinking by not_cynical: Aurikku, except not, and much more realistic to me for it. I love the interaction with Tidus at the beginning, and there is tasty meta as well. Yum, meta.

The Eternal and Perpetual Cycle of Becoming by heyheyrenay: Speaking of tasty meta... there is lots of it here, along with some really awesome world building about Yevon, old and New. The pairing is Baralai/Isaaru, and it builds up from scratch in a very believable way.

To Know Foreverness by muggy_mountain: A sadly sweet Lulu/Wakka story that develops their relationship into what we see in X-2 and beyond.

FFXII fic:

Necrohol by alimond: Excellent Fran and Basch interaction; I really felt their voices in my head.

Sticky Sweet by lassarina: Balthier/Ashe and a stolen moment. One of my favorite pairings filled with the bittersweetness that I love about them.
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