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Someday, I will post about something other than fandom

But that day is not today. There's just so much fandom stuff going on lately (FFEX! FFXIII! Mega Flare!), and the rest of life and the world is just too depressing, complicated, and/or dull for me to be inspired to talk about it. Someday soon, maybe.

I have my ff_exchange prompts, and they are awesome. Every single one is something I could write, and all of them are interesting on one level or another. Now I just have to narrow them down, decide whether I want to go for a challenge or expand on something more familiar. Who knows, I might have to write more than one. Either way, exciting!

Also the documentation for Mega Flare is almost finished! Look for that sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed that it's ready this week. I love the buzz on this that I'm seeing around! :D Good times. I probably won't start officially poking at my own idea until I finish FFEX, but I have definitely been contemplating my options...
Tags: fandom, ffex, mega flare!, meta

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