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underwear adventure

So I made my first attempt at finding an undergarment to wear under my wedding dress today. I've been dreading this a little bit because finding good strapless bras is so difficult for a woman of size. But I need to find something now, because I need to get to a seamstress for my alterations and I think I need to have the final underwear before I know for sure exactly how the dress will fit. Everyone I've talked to about this has suggested looking for a one-piece supportive garment, like a bodysuit, and I agree. So that's the plan.

First stop was Nordstrom for some of that famous customer service. I spent a good five minutes wandering around the deserted lingerie section, but my attempts to catch a salesperson's eye were in vain. I finally had to go over to the counter to ask for help. They don't carry bodysuits in my size, so she suggested that I start with a strapless bra, although she's not sure she has those as large as 42DD either. So we went over to the full-figure strapless section, where 42DD is about the smallest size they have. I grabbed a 44 just to have a larger size comparison. Then she lead me to a changing room and left me there, without even offering to help me get it on. So much for famous customer service. I don't have the bra-fastening gene, so I ended up having to put it on backwards and pull it around to the front. I do this with regular bras all the time, but it's a great deal more challenging with a waist-length strapless. Anyway, once I got it in place it fit fine, but it wasn't terribly supportive. I promised the salesdroid I'd keep it in mind for a possible two-piece solution, but my hopes are not high.

Next I tried an actual lingerie store in Crocker Galleria, but from the saleswoman's face when I walked in the door, I could pretty much tell that they wouldn't carry my size, and I was right. Finally, I tried out Macy's. I get regular clothes from there all the time, and have pretty good luck with them, but my past lingerie experiences have left a lot to be desired. But I figured it was worth a try. After trolling the racks and discovering that one manufacturer at least claims to make 42DD bodysuits, I once again had to ask for help in a practically empty store. This time the service was good, though, because the woman offered to go search the back for something in my size. She came up with one just a little too small, and we both thought it was worth a try. But it wasn't even close. If it had some sort of fastener in the back, it might have worked, but since it was literally one piece of fabric I couldn't even get it over my hips. The nice saleslady also suggests a two-piece solution. Outwardly I agree to think about it. Inwardly I sigh.

I think it's time to start searching the plus-size lingerie catalogs. I'd hoped to be able to try stuff on in a store first, but I'll just have to find a catalog with a good return policy instead.
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