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Mega Flare mega update!


[community profile] megaflare_ff and megaflare_ff

The preliminary rules and official schedule are now posted. Come check it out!

Another thing to check out, especially if a Spring/Summer schedule works better for you than Summer/Fall, or if you have just too many ideas and can't settle on just one, is [community profile] hardmode, an all-gaming fandoms Big Bang. Sign-ups opened yesterday and will be open through May. Although I can't participate in both myself (maybe next year!), I am looking forward to having even more juicy longfic to read. Mmm, longfic.

With the opening of the comms, all updates on Mega Flare will now be available there rather than in this journal (although I cannot promise to contain all the squeeing. Mmm, squeeing). Come join us! :D
Tags: fandom, mega flare!, meta, omg yay

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