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There are cats on my bed. I approve of this development.

Today was "wander around Boston" day. I got a look at many of the historic sights I'd never seen before, plus a look at the locks on the Charles River and a swarm of fish waiting their turn to get through them. Then some tea, and a couple of chocolate shops, and then a really awesome bookstore that focuses on travel books, but in a really broad sense, including not just guidebooks but travel writing, cartography, books on history and culture and even regional fiction. And then everything is organized geographically rather than by genre, which I found to make for some really awesome browsing. I contented myself with only one book, but it was difficult.

Then it was trivia with amybang's friends, which we didn't win (but I came up with a pretty awesome baseball answer, if I do say so myself), but I had fun, and plus I got to see a friend from college whom I hadn't seen for years and years. And now settling in with the aforementioned cats, who are currently sleeping on the couch that is about to become my bed. A distinct advantage over the hotel room where I was staying before this. I wish you could stay at a hotel and check out some cats, like you used to be able to check out a VCR before hotels had movies on demand. I would totally pay extra for that service.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we're going to go be tourists in Salem, where I've also never been. Wish us luck.
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