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As an antidote to my earlier post today, and on the flip side, here is a completely awesome project: karenhealey calls on the women of the Internet to tell her why we're awesome.

I just read through all the comments, and the catalog of awesome is a wonderous sight to behold. And it's not just the comments themselves, but also in the beauty of the supportive responses to them. I highly recommend checking it out, and (if applicable) leaving a comment of your own. It was pretty scary to proclaim my own awesomeness, but it was also exhilerating. Or, if doing it there is too daunting, share the awesome here. Consider this an open thread for awesome. Because I'm definitely not afraid to proclaim this: you women are, indeed, awesome.

(Thanks to Jed for the link!)

Tags: feminism, internet, meta, via ljapp

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