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FFEX: Revealed!

Time to go revel in dozens of fabulous fanworks. I've spent the last couple of days browsing, and there's some really great stuff in there. I'll probably try to do a rec list later, but for now I just suggest going over there to wander around, dip into anything that catches your fancy. Something for everyone!

For the second year in a row, I got a Paine/Nooj piece as my gift, which is awesome. :D Small Steps by Lesca Fenix. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of P/N and/or CS4 stories.

As for me, I wrote two stories: one prompt from my initial assignment and one pinch-hit. Both FF12, one Balthier-centric and one about Al-Cid.

Secret Identities: Balthier/Reddas (and filled with spoilers).

Human Resources: a bit of Al-Cid character study, chosen not only because I found the prompt intriguing but because it gave me the chance to work closely with the character, who I expect to figure prominently in my megaflare_ff story.

Didn't manage any Moogle Fluff this time, mostly because of timing, although I did draft most of a story that will likely appear as Chocobo Down.

Also, I mentioned a few times in this space that I was hoping to write one of my other prompts from my original assignment. I actually started that one first, but then it ballooned into a many-thousand-word monster, and it became clear that I was never going to finish it on time. I actually just put the final touches on the draft today. 18,391 words. Can I have a yikes? I don't think I've ever written a story that long in one shot. Anyway, I'll let it sit for a little while, then clean it up and post it. Maybe not for Chocobo Down, because it's drifted pretty far from the original request, but I will definitely get it out there.

Yay for FFEX! Yay for more prompts on the way for Chocobo Down! Yay for the mods omg. If you see Sev, Ira, and Nay around, be extra-nice to them, okay? They put in a hell of a lot of work to make this exchange happen, and they just pulled off two in less than a year. Mods: you rule.
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