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May Update; June Goals

Three weeks of writing like mad and then basically one week off. Let's see how that translates...

Days written: 27/31
Words written: 21,487 (72,162 for the year)
Words of fic written: 16,958 (!!!)
Words made up on the getyourwordsout pace: 4,501
Stories worked on: 7
Stories posted: 2

That's almost as many words of fic alone as words total that I wrote in February and March. Thank you, FFEX.

Specific Goals:

1. Finish primary FFEX fic. The fic that I thought was going to be the primary one turned into the secondary one, and vice versa. So sort of yes and sort of no, depending on how you count it. I'll call it a win, especially since the original primary fic is completely drafted.

2. Write at least five days per week. If you mean on average, then yes. In absolute terms, no. But the only week I missed was the week I was traveling, so I don't feel badly about it.

3. Write secondary FFEX fic and begin preliminary plotting/outlining of fic for megaflare_ff. Also write official Mega Flare FAQ and other supporting documentation. FFEX gifts completed and posted! Along with a story that was for Moogle Fluff, but that didn't get finished it time; I'll clean it up for Chocobo Down next month. Mega Flare documentation is started and will be ready before deadline. As for the story, I got about 700 words of notes down, so I guess that counts.

4. Make some sort of progress on "Aftermath" and/or the Alphabet Fic Meme. I did make a brief start on one Alphabet Meme story, although I'm not completely sure it's going the direction I want to take. I didn't even look at "Aftermath", and with Mega Flare right around the corner, I may have to backburner that one for a bit. Ugh, I hate to even say that. Maybe I'll backburner something else instead.

I think it's safe to say that I made all my goals, or close enough, although I suppose I have the letter of that last one more than the spirit. But in some cases I hit the spirit better than the letter, so maybe that's okay.

Okay, so. June.

1. Begin writing story for Mega Flare.

2. Complete and post both in-progress Chocobo Down stories.

3. Write at least six days per week -- and that's per week, not on average. I have no travel this month, and break is coming; I should be able to manage this.

4. At least one of the following: finish and post one Alphabet Fic Meme story, make progress on "Aftermath", and/or complete the unholy crossover that I started writing on the plane yesterday. (I don't want to say any more about this one for fear of jinxing it. Let's just say it's completely out of character for me, and I fear the hordes of fangirls who must have written it already. But the idea popped up, my brain said "Hmmmmmm", and who am I to argue with my brain?)

More than doable, right? Right.
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