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Brave new world?

Okay. It's time to give this crossposting thing a whirl. No particular reason, really, although I've been contemplating making this move for awhile. It's not like I've had a last straw with LJ or anything. But I'm curious to see how this will go.

I haven't quite reached critical mass on Dreamwidth yet, but it's getting closer. Maybe half my active fandom friends are either crossposting or posting to DW exclusively. None of my non-fandom friends have made the migration (do any of you even have accounts?), but the vast majority aren't active on LJ, either, thanks to the siren call of Facebook. (Ugh.) One of the reasons I've held off on making the move was my fear of leaving non-fandom people behind. That's becoming less and less of a factor. So I started thinking: why not?

The other factor holding me back has been my reluctance to either manage two sets of comments or require people to comment in one place or the other. Since those are my only options, I felt like not crossposting was the easiest path to take. I'm still concerned about that, but to be frank, this has also become much less of a factor in the last year or so. So I'm going to leave commenting open in both places for now, although I reserve the right to close comments in one place or the other if it gets to be too much, and/or stop crossposting. This is very much an experiment, for now.

No worries, if you're concerned: I'm not leaving LJ. Not now, not any time soon, barring disaster. I have a permanent account, and over 6 years of history, and plenty of friends who don't crosspost, and communities I enjoy lurking in; it seems premature to close up shop completely. But the fact remains that I am interested in seeing DW succeed. If one of my concerns is the lack of critical mass on DW, but then I don't contribute my content to the site or participate in its communities, aren't I part of the reason the migration hasn't happened? DW has done as much as it can to make it easy for me to keep a foot in both worlds, and I should respect that by building out the homestead I've staked out here, not just squatting. (To mix my metaphors quite spectacularly...)

Administrative note: If you are crossposting on DW and I don't have your account in my circle, please add me or drop me a line, especially if you'd rather I comment there than on LJ. If you don't have a DW and want one, let me know -- I think I have a couple of invite codes floating around.

Aaaaaand... here we go.

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