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Posting: "Far Across the Sand and the Sea"

Remember when I was going to write two stories for FFEX?

Here's the other one.

Title: Far Across the Sand and the Sea
Fandom: FFX
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 18,040 (...yeah)
Characters: Braska, Yuna's mother, Cid
Pairings: Braska/Yuna's mother
Spoilers: Minor, for Braska and Yuna's backstories
Notes: Inspired, as mentioned, by one of my prompts for the 2010 round of FFEX, although it ended up taking another direction entirely. The prompt was: "Anything on Braska and his unnamed wife, maybe the bit of family life they got to have before everything went to hell." I started on it, but it quickly became clear that what I really wanted to write was the epic story of Braska meeting and falling in love with his wife, rather than the domestic life that came later. So, here it is. Posted on AO3. (Did you know that you don't need an account to comment on AO3? It's true! OpenID is your friend. You know, just in case you wanted to know that.) Many thanks to muggy_mountain for betaing!

A priest of Yevon travels to the Al Bhed homeland on a mission to make peace, but he finds something else entirely. The story of Braska's journey to Bikanel.

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