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30 Days of Writing: Strange

I guess it was too much to expect that I wouldn't miss a day. Maybe I'll write two tomorrow.

10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

I am not a crack writer, by any stretch of the imagination. I only ever write anything close to it from prompts, and even the craziest ideas end up turning into at least somewhat serious stories. Probably it's because characterization is so important to me, and it's hard to keep crack from going OOC. Even when I do the character question-and-answer memes (character lists, prompts, 5-things memes), which can be on the silly side, I tend to take my answers seriously. That's the fun of it, for me: taking an improbable or even impossible pairing or situation (Clasko/Nooj; Gippal/Nooj's machina; Rikku/Captain Kirk) and discovering the angle that will make it actually come alive. And it is fun: I had a blast writing the pieces that came from all three of those scenarios. But none of them were really weird, in the end, at least not by my standards.

So I suppose I haven't actually answered the question... memes count, you say? Then I'm going to choose the high school AU I outlined in response to a meme question asked by [personal profile] seventhe. If Ivanova/Auron isn't a weird situation, then I don't know what is!

30 Days of Writing: Complete list of questions

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