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30 Days of Writing: Hero

17. Favorite protagonist and why!

It is impossible for me to pick between Paine and Auron, so I'm not even going to try.

As for why... similar reasons, really: they were the characters I connected most strongly with in their respective games, they were the characters that edged me over into writing stories in the first place, and I find the questions about their backstories really intriguing. I enjoy them as characters, and I enjoy writing about them both equally.

And I feel like I've written quite a bit about these two in the meme already, so I'm going to leave it at that for now.

30 Days of Writing: Complete list of questions

In other news... FFVI arrived yesterday, and I have started it! So far I'm just replaying the very little bit of the game that I played with T when we attempted the PS1 port, but I should be through that and into new content soon. Also I reread the entire Temeraire series over the last few days in preparation for reading "Tongues of Serpents", which I have now started and am enjoying immensely. The series holds up quite well, but to say more would require spoilers, so I will hold off; look for more posts on both dragons and FFVI to come.

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