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One more Top 5 request

As requested by 3_2_1, here are my top five canon moments for:

5. Revealing his moment of youthful doubt to Wakka and Tidus on the summit of Mount Gagazet.
4. "When Lady Yuna is finished fixing her hair, we leave."
3. Flashback to Jecht offering to be Braska's fayth, and Auron's reactions within the flashback and in the present, as he tries to wipe away the memory with his blade.
2. [Surprised chuckle at Tidus and his perceptiveness, re. Auron's true feelings about Yevon.] "I lived a long time in Zanarkand."
1. Battling Seymour on the Highbridge: first the reaction to Kinoc's death, and then his promise of vengeance for it.

5. Yuna: "Your plan sucks." (And then she proceeds to give him a much-deserved dressing down.)
4. Crimson Sphere 8 (Paine meets up with the guys on the Highroad, their interactions, and then the shooting).
3. The interaction with YRP (especially P, of course, but I like the whole scene) outside the Den of Woe, especially the Youth League variation.
2. "See you later."
1. The meeting with Gippal and Baralai beneath Bevelle, through Paine breaking out of hiding. This is not only my favorite Nooj moment but my favorite scene in the entire game.

I could probably just repeat most of the Nooj scenes here, so I decided to focus on her interactions with others instead. Fortunately, she has a lot more canon to choose from.
5. Paine's sphere
4. Her gleeful reaction to snatching the "awesome sphere" from Kilika Temple
3. Beneath Bevelle: Part two, from Paine reacting to Nooj's life in danger through her first admission to YRP that she knows the guys.
2. The conversation outside of Djose Temple after beating the Djose Experiment: Paine admits to the Gullwings what their friendship has meant to her.
1. Paine tells Yuna the story of the Crimson Squad on the deck of the Celsius.

The Auron list is pretty solid, but the other two could be more variable, depending on my mood. And whether I'm thinking about "Paine" scenes and "Nooj" scenes, or "Paine/Nooj" scenes. Given my strong feelings about my OTP, I can have a hard time separating those out! Still, these are, at the very least, all moments I like a lot, even though it's also really easy to think of good stuff I had to leave out.

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