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Request regarding the new LJ "feature"

I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you this, since you're all sensible people who respect your friends and their privacy, but please be judicious about cross-posting content from this journal on other services: no crossposting of locked posts (I don't lock many, and it is always for a reason) to Twitter, and no crossposting to Facebook ever. I have kept my Facebook presence minimal on purpose, and I would prefer not to see any content from my LJ there at all. (URLs are okay, as long as those of you who know my full name don't connect the two.)

I also promise to never crosspost, from my own journal or anyone else's.

Considering that the main thing that has kept me loyal to LJ while practically all of my RL friends have skipped over to Facebook was the stronger ability to control privacy settings, you can imagine that I'm pretty irritated, here. Not irritated enough to jump ship to Dreamwidth entirely -- yet. But if things continue in this vein, well, that day may still come. We'll see.

If anyone would like DW invites, I have several. Let me know.
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