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Signs that the story you're working on might be too complicated

I just spent an hour drawing up a family tree for House Margrace. Just one generation of direct descendants and a few assorted out-of-wedlock births, mind you -- I didn't even attempt to figure out aunts and uncles and cousins. (Yet.) Al-Cid and his siblings were enough trouble by themselves. But I keep coming up with names and relationships as I write the story, and I decided I'd better at least settle that once and for all. If nothing else, I need to make sure that their ages in relation to each other and Ivalice world history make sense.

18,551. And counting. Earlier today, I came up with a couple of politicking twists, and some reasons for people to do things, and I'm pretty happy with them all. So the story continues to take shape! Except for the end, of course. Someday, I will discover the ending of this story, but that day is not today.

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