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Although the actual date isn't until tomorrow, T and I celebrated our first anniversary today. We spent the afternoon at his friend DW's birthday party (which I didn't mind, especially given that DW basically gave up his birthday to our wedding last year). After a stop by a local park to walk off the heavy lunch, we dropped by a favorite used bookstore, then had a light dinner at the Chinese restaurant where we had our first date. A pleasant day all around, full of companionship and conversation.

So a year of marriage has gone by, which I believe makes us officially no longer newlyweds. It's funny, though, because I don't know that I ever felt like a newlywed. T and I have lived together for going on six years, after all, and have been involved for almost seven. Marriage really didn't change anything all that much from a practical standpoint, or even from an emotional one. In some ways, the crucial moment for us was deciding to get married in the first place -- everything that followed was just a formality. Then again, going through the formality was important to me, so maybe marking the date is meaningful after all.

I see that the clock has turned past midnight. Happy anniversary, T. May it mark the first of many good years together.
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