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So I'm rereading A Song of Ice and Fire in preparation for the upcoming publication of The Precious, both to jog my memory because it has been so freakin' long and also because I don't want to start anything new between now and tomorrow, when the new Gabaldon comes out. I had forgotten that members of the scholarly class are called Maesters in this universe, and it's a little jarring.

While I was sitting and reading at lunch, I was interrupted by a fellow who bore a pleasant resemblance to Boromir. He asked me if it was my first time reading the series, and when I explained my purpose to him we spent a few moments chatting about this book and others. I always enjoy having a conversation with a random stranger about books -- it's like we're member of a club, or a secret society, and we're able to share our knowledge of this other world.

And, of course, married lady or no, I shan't complain about receiving attention from gentlemen who are both attractive and literary. Ahem.
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