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Time keeps on slipping

Did I really go a whole week without posting? I don't remember the last time that happened when I wasn't sick or traveling. And this week was neither, just busy with finals week and all kinds of irritating work stuff that I don't really want to talk about here. So, random update time, Five-Things-Make-a-Post-style:

1. Chorus started this week! Since I didn't sing Spring quarter and I always take the summer off, it seems like it's been forever. We're doing "Hodie" by Vaughn Williams, a piece I do not know. Parts of it are quite beautiful and parts look to be fiendishly tricky, but I'm looking forward to getting to know it. Coming back to singing after a hiatus always makes me happy. The biggest challenge this quarter isn't going to be learning the music, though. Instead, it's going to be getting to Stanford, because of...

2. T's car went to its final reward on Thursday. He was having trouble with it a few weeks ago, and the mechanic pronounced the death sentence: new transmission, a repair that would have cost him far more than the worth of the car. So the mechanic took it off his hands for $500, and now we are, for the time being, a one-car household. He's started the car shopping process, something he tends to be quite methodical about, so it could be awhile. Since we both take public transit to work most days, we could probably make it work for quite awhile, although we are talking about signing up for ZipCar to make it easier. Fortunately there's at least two pick-up spots within easy walking distance. Also, I took my car in this week, and it got a clean bill of health, so I feel better about depending on it as our primary vehicle. It's strange, in a way, because my Civic is three years older than his Accord was, and I had always expected it to go first. On the other hand, these little Civics have a reputation for lasting forever, and so far it's living up to that reputation. It's a good little car, and it makes me happy, so I'm content to keep it running for awhile longer.

3. I keep churning away on the Mega Flare story. A scene here, a few words there. At this point I don't think I'm going to have a draft by October 1st, although anything is possible, but since I'm not working with an artist, it doesn't matter much if I miss that particular deadline. If I keep up this pace (and ideally kick it up a bit), I don't have any real worries about not finishing by the hard deadline, which is mid-November. Assuming I can come up with an ending I like.

4. I checked out one new TV series so far, Undercovers, the new JJ Abrams show about a married couple who met when they were CIA agents and retired to get married. The pilot shows them coming out of retirement and working together for the first time. I had been hearing some buzz about it, partly because it's Abrams and partly because the leads are black (the characters are African-American but both actors are from Europe); both of those aspects caught my interest, but I'm watching mostly because I saw a preview for the series on Scott Pilgrim that made it look entertaining. I liked the pilot enough to record the second episode, so we shall see.

Also, Top Chef: Just Desserts, two weeks in: I like Gail, I like Johnny (although I'll like him better when he finds his own voice and stops trying so hard to be Tom Colicchio), but oh my god I hope they dial back on the inter-contestant drama, or it's going to get unwatchable real quick. If they don't get rid of [spoiler] next week, I might have to give up on it, or at the very least watch on heavy fast-forward.

5. Nothing much planned for this weekend, which pleases me, because these last two work weeks have involved a lot of running around and a lot of stress. Working a six-day week followed by a five-day week always drags me down; I should really remember to make better arrangements to get a short week immediately after covering a Saturday. On the other hand, this way I get a Monday off in the midst of our first honest-to-goodness heatwave, so maybe I shouldn't complain too much.

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