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Off and running

I forget, every year, how many things will come along in October to occupy my headspace. The start of a new quarter, chorus coming back again, planning for Halloween (which is, no lie, the biggest event on my school's social calendar, even bigger than the fashion show),the best weather of the year, and, if I'm lucky, the baseball playoffs. Add to that my frantic work on my [community profile] megaflare_ff (not nearly enough) and my flirtation with the Final Fantasy anon fic meme up to three stories! but I think I'm done, for now and it's no wonder if I've been a bit scarce lately.

It could have been even worse, due to certain influences trying to get me to the Stewart/Colbert rally at the end of the month, but it conflicts with the Halloween costume contest, and, well, see above. So I will stay home, and watch on TV, or maybe find a local satellite rally to attend, and cheer them on from afar.

Speaking of cheering people on...

Even San Francisco City Hall has gotten into cheering on the Giants. NLCS, baby! Bring on the Phillies.

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