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Yes! Argh!

Yes: I have an ending for my Mega Flare story! Not written yet, but mapped out. I sat down on Thursday and set down the outline for the last several scenes. Finally, after months and months, I actually know where this this is going. Phew.

Argh: Said ending is not yet written, and posting opens in less than two weeks?! /o\

I don't have a title, either, but those usually come to me last, so I'm less concerned about that.

Yes: I've been making fantastic progress lately -- I wrote over three thousand words in one day, Saturday, which is easily my biggest day since I started tracking daily word count at the start of the year. I have, in fact, already surpassed the getyourwordsout pace for the month. Wow.

Argh (or maybe this is just an OMG): According to MS Word, my story is already 38,000 words. And still. Not. Done. How did this story get so darn complicated? Why did I decide to tack on a complicated subplot last week?

On the other hand, that subplot brought me my ending, so maybe it's not entirely a bad thing.

I still have time. Just keep reminding myself that. Still have time. We all do. Right? Right.

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