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underwear adventure II - the revenge

Of the underwear, that is. For the heck of it, I decided to check out Frederick's of Hollywood's selection -- they are well known for carrying plus sizes and I had the time. They have something called The Wedding Corset (with matching thong, of course), so I tried it on. It looked great, and probably dropped 10-15 pounds from my midriff, and it sure brought the ladies front and center, but I could barely breathe. I've worn a corset before, the couple of times I've dressed up in Renaissance costume, and I know I get used to it after awhile, but I'm still not sure that walking around laced up so tight for so many hours is a good idea. So I'm thinking about it, but I probably won't go for it.

After all this, it's looking like my best option is Lane Bryant, which has a workable strapless bra and some girdle options. Which, of course, is where I buy all my bras anyway. I still want to look for a real lingerie store, where I can get measured and real service and advice. A had a recommendation for a store in Los Angeles, where I might be next weekend anyway, maybe I'll check that out.
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