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FFX: "Penance"

Title: Penance
Fandom: FFX
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1193
Characters: Lulu, Luzzu
Notes: De-anoning a fill from [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy. The prompt was Luzzu dealing with the death of Gatta and the end of Yevon. I was drawn to it immediately -- Luzzu's reaction to Gatta's death is one of my favorite FFX cutscenes, but I haven't written much about it. Also, I've been toying with drawing Luzzu back into the world of "Aftermath", and this might provide me with a way in. I've often thought about the absence of Luzzu from Spira in FFX-2; of course, there are meta reasons for this, but I still miss getting the chance to catch up with him like we do with all the other minor characters. So we'll see what comes of it. Anyway, on with the story!

Everyone deals with the fallout from the destruction of Yevon in their own way.

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Tags: ffx, fic, fyff, posting
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