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30 Days of: Favorite Relationships

[personal profile] renay asked about my favorite character relationships in canons other than Final Fantasy.

One of the side effects of not really writing in other fandoms is that I might give the impression of not really being that interested in other canons or other fandoms. This could not be farther from the truth! Just because I am not often inspired to write outside the FF world doesn't mean that I don't enjoy reading fic about other canons, or metaing in them. (Especially meta; I will happily meta about almost any canon that I'm familiar with.) So, in no particular order, here's a little bit about 10 pairings/friendships that I am very fond of.

1. Friends, Joey and Chandler
Of all the friendships on this show, Joey and Chandler were the twosome that spoke to me the most. The bond they share is the one I recognize between me and my own close friends. And I loved that it was one of the great constants of the show, through the end.

2. The West Wing, CJ/Toby
Now, I am not made of stone. CJ and Danny are just about the cutest couple ever, and how can you not root for Toby to make things work with Andy, mother of his children? But. CJ and Toby clearly had a history, one that Sorkin hinted at but never explored, and the chemistry between the actors was undeniable. They are totally ex-lovers in my head, and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

3. Babylon 5, Marcus/Ivanova
I won't say anything more because I'm still trying to convince [personal profile] renay that she needs to watch this show, but if you've seen it, you know why.

4. Veronica Mars, Veronica and Keith
My favorite father/daughter duo in the history of television. Love their chemistry, their interactions, the mutual love and respect.

5. Kingdom Hearts, Sora and Riku and Kairi
Such a great family of choice grouping. They all seem to care for each other so much.

6. Chronicles of Amber, Merlin and Luke
The second series was inferior to the first in all ways -- except this one. Merle and Luke are the original frenemies, and I enjoy how their relationship slides along that continuum.

7. Deep Space Nine, Kira and Dax
I could really have picked almost any combination of the senior officers, but I went with this because it is one of the most awesome female friendships ever. They are friends and co-workers and it was wonderful to watch their relationship grow, beginning to end.

8. The Newford Stories, Jilly and Sophie and Wendy
Another very real-feeling group of women. I wish de Lint would write more stories about the three of them together.

9. Temeraire, Laurence and Temeraire
How could any list of my favorite pairs be complete without the two of them? Their bond is an amazing thing.

10. Lost, Jin/Sun
A beautiful love story of finding each other and losing each other, again and again, pain and loss and redemption. If I have a romance kink, it is separation (whether physical or emotional) and reunion, and Jin/Sun hits that spot for me perfectly.

So you may have noticed that seven of these groupings are friendships. Of the three romantic pairings, two are canon and the third has notable canon support; as well, the friendships listed are ones I resist seeing as romance, even those like Joey/Chandler and Sora/Riku which are very popular in their fandoms. I think this is really typical for me, because I am resistant to subtext. I almost always need some textual evidence to hang a 'ship on. And that's not just for romance, but for any interpretation of canon. I suspect this is also why I am so stubborn about my 'ships: once I've found evidence for a 'ship in canon, it's real to me. I can't unsee it.

The other thing I notice is that all of these examples are from books and TV shows, and one video game. No movies, even though there are many movie characters and relationships I love. Once again, though, I think this goes back to having more canonical text to work with. Even a series of movies is going to have a few hours of canon at most.

But this has gone sideways to the original question. And of course now I'm thinking of all the people I left out (Dream and Death! Garak and Bashir, and Sisko and Dax! Picard/Crusher and Worf/Troi! Harry, Hermione, and Ron! Arthur and The Tick! Luke/Lorelei!) so I had better stop before this post takes over the world.

30 Days of... Project! Complete list of questions / Ask a question on LJ or on DW.

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Nov. 9th, 2010 09:33 am (UTC)
RE: Marcus/Ivanova

My brain has the most odd filing system; it's very Darmok-like in that it tends to trigger audible quotes from old Doctor Who and other things I watched long ago.

For that relationship, I just heard, "It would be the last unicorn in the world that came to Molly Grue."

Which really has nothing to do with them whatsoever.

And I will not explain why either, because Renay needs to see this show.
Nov. 9th, 2010 04:59 pm (UTC)
Yes! So random, and yet so perfect and true.

Sigh, Marcus.
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