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30 Days: The Source

With this entry, I am over halfway through my list of questions, but we aren't yet halfway through the month of November. Although I'm sure I can find a way to round out the month on my own, it would be more fun with help! So if you haven't left a question or a topic, or even if you have, hop on over! (LJ or DW)

All right, on with the show. [personal profile] renay asked what source I always wanted to write for but haven't, and why not.

I have, in my life as a fannish writer, written fic for very few sources. The only canons I've written more than one story for have been in the Final Fantasy universe; I have one Sunshine story, one Star Trek story (plus a crossover with FFX-2, and another WIP), and buried somewhere in the depths of my journal is a Harry Potter character sketch that never came out from behind friendslock. Oh, and a Friends/Xena commentfic that I once wrote for a lark. I have a semi-abandoned Kingdom Hearts/X-2 crossover that's half-written, and my Alice in Wonderland/Pirates of the Caribbean work-in-progress that I am determined to finish before the year is out. (That's the crossover I was being mysterious about earlier this year; maybe going public with it will get my ass in gear to work on the damn thing.) Generally, when I start work in a new canon, it's because there's a story in my head and it's demanding that I let it out, and usually the idea is consuming enough that I will start to work on it, even if I never finish or publish. That's what got me started in Final Fantasy X-2 in the first place, that's what spurred me into every other canon I've dabbled in.

I can think of one bunny that bounced around for a long time that never got started, even as an abandoned WIP, and that was for Harry Potter, an idea about Dumbledore and Snape and Felix Felicis that came to me not long after finishing Half-Blood Prince. I thought about that one a lot, but a number of things held me back: not being as familiar with the canon; the hugeness and divisiveness of the fandom; the idea that, if anyone noticed the story, suddenly I'd be on a much larger stage; the knowledge that suddenly I'd be writing in a universe that people I know outside of the fandom context are familiar with and the pressure that comes with that. I told myself I was just waiting to find the time to re-read HBP again, but other projects took over, and then the bunny was jossed by Deathly Hallows, and I set it aside for good. I may resurrect it as an AU someday, but I don't really expect to ever get the momentum on that one back.

30 Days of... Project! Complete list of questions / Ask a question on LJ or on DW.

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