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Checking out, checking in

Because I have learned to set realistic expectations for myself during a concert week, I am skipping answering a question from my meme today. I'll probably skip Thursday as well. (I have a better chance of following through on Friday, because I have the day off of work.) Whether I answer two questions on a few days to make up for it, or just do fewer questions, depends entirely on whether you folks fill the entire month up. ;)

The piece is Vaughan Williams's Hodie; it will probably never be one of my favorites, but there are some segments of it that I like very much -- parts that are fun to listen to, parts that are fun to sing. The tough bit is the venue: Stanford Memorial Church is a lovely space, but it's very echoey, and it's very hard for us to hear ourselves over the orchestra. The first time through any piece, particularly, is a real challenge. Still, overall our first dress went pretty well, and I'm looking forward to the concert.

Work continues to plod along. It's between midterms and ramping up for finals, so things are fairly quiet right now. Calm before the storm, as they say.

I finished the first edit of my Mega Flare; now it just needs one more run-through, and a title. Why do I have such a hard time coming up with titles? I've auditioned a few ideas and hate them all. Titles and endings: my nemeses. Although once I found the ending for this story, I was instantly happy with it. Maybe I'll feel the same way about the title, once it presents itself.

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