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Wrapping up November; December goals

So with this post, I have done it: a public post every day in November, a goal I have now accomplished four years out of the last five (in 2009 I missed one day because I was sick).

One downside of doing the same project every year is that it starts feeling less like an accomplishment and more like a given. "Of course I succeeded at NaBloWriMo, I didn't come down with a sinus infection of doom." So maybe it's time to think about mixing it up next year. Maybe doing it in a different month; maybe sticking closer to a theme.

Anyway, November writing wrap-up:

Days written: 25/30
Words written: 25,249
Words of fic written: 11,837
Stories worked on: Seven
Stories posted: Two new, two reposts from [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy
Wordcount for 2010 so far: 212,265 \o/

Gee, guess when I finished major composition on my [community profile] megaflare_ff story?

Specific Goals:

1. Write at least 6 days per week. Almost. I missed two days in a row right after completing "Reconcilable Differences". But I think I can be excused for that...

2. Complete and post the Mega Flare story. Done. Done and done. Mere words cannot described how happy I am to have this story finished. I think it came out pretty well, too.

3. Write a substantial post every day, based on the "30 Days of Me" list of questions. As mentioned above, I did post every day in November, although the definition of "substantial" tended to vary. I also answered all the questions on the meme (except for one that didn't come in until a couple of hours ago). There are still a few slots open! Six, to be exact. Anyone interested is more than welcome to leave another question or two on LJ or DW, although I no longer make any promises to do one per day. ;)

4. Write and post [community profile] intoabar story. I got a complete draft done, but I wasn't very happy with it, and my beta resources were stretched too thin as it was, so I opted to default instead. I may clean it up, or take another go, and post it later, but for now it's deprioritized.

Other stories posted and worked on this month: I made nice progress on "Aftermath", which is awesome! I also was bunnied for a short on Isaaru that basically came from nowhere, de-annoned on the above-mentioned FYFF fills, and poked at little at the Alice/Pirates crossover. A successful month overall, despite the default, although really I was probably going to say that no matter what, given that Mega Flare has wrapped up mostly-successfully.

So now we turn to December and thoughts of rounding out the year:

1. Write at least five days per week (down from six to account for travel and other holiday obligations).

2. Finish the last chapter of "Aftermath".

3. Wrap up as many WIP as I can -- Alphabet Meme, the crossover, check my files for other things...

4. Claim and write at least one [community profile] areyougame prompt. (Pending a closer look at what's still available; I haven't been over there since before claims opened.)

At some point I need to sit down and think about 2011. What projects should I focus on? Does it make sense to sign up for getyourwordsout again? Much to consider. But not just yet; let's see how December shapes up first.

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