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Deathly Hallows Report

I finally saw HP7.1 tonight. Thumbs up. Is it July yet?

I'm glad they spread it out over two movies; maybe they could have cut it down, but the main part that some might find stretched out -- The World's Worst Camping TripTM -- worked, I thought, to show the hopelessness of the Trio's situation, making the break with Ron all the more tragic as well as adding punch to his dramatic return. (Of course, this set-up worked for me in the book also, so mileage may vary.) The deaths of Hedwig and Dobby were terribly affecting, and I almost came to tears with Harry when he visited his parents' grave. So on an emotional level, I was very satisfied with the film.

I wish we had seen Dumbledore's funeral, in either this movie or the last, and I was irritated that they cut Harry's speech to Ron about his brotherly feelings for Hermione, since I felt like that was a major aspect of their character growth, especially Ron's. Do we really still need to try for 'ship ambiguity at this point? (In comparison, I was okay with the dance scene; I bought that Harry was just looking to comfort Hermione, and that at such a low point, she might respond to the opportunity to make a connection with someone, even if it's not the someone she really wants.) Other than that, I was good with the changes and streamlining, and the choice of break was effective (and about what I was expecting). Is it just me, or does Hermione get more ruthless with each movie? Even more so than in the books. Which I like, don't get me wrong. But when we see her with Ron's blood on her hands... Brr. The look in her eyes... I think Emma Watson did the best acting job of the Trio here, and I hope we see a lot more of her once these movies are over.

Edit: I almost forgot my favorite part! The Tale of the Three Brothers. So beautifully done. The animation was gorgeous, and the style gave the story such a timeless and mythic feel. And Emma's reading was the icing on the cake. Can we see more Beedle the Bard stories in this style? I know I would watch them.

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