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Taking advantage of a quiet morning. The last week of the quarter is about to start, which is busy under any circumstances, but even more so when it coincides with holiday-making. I think tomorrow may be literally the only day I don't have anything planned between last Wednesday and Monday the 20th. (Tonight T's company is having a casual office holiday party, as opposed to the formal one which is usually held sometime in January.)

Yesterday I sang in the Stanford Sing-along Messiah. It's an annual event, but I haven't participated for years. It's always fun, although I think it would be more fun if I actually knew The Messiah; I'm essentially sight-reading, except for the "Hallelujah Chorus" which I sort-of know, mostly by osmosis. I am jealous of the people in this video, who all appear to be singing it without music:

Some of the folks in my chorus have talked about doing something similar; it sounds awesome, but I would really have to sit down with that music and memorize it. It's probably too late to pull one together for this holiday season anyway. Maybe next year.

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