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December Update, Goals for January and 2011

This final monthly update for 2010 officially rounds out my best year of writing since 2006. Think that means I should keep doing monthly goals posts? I sure do.

Days written: 24/31
Words written: 10,990
Words of fic written: 6,524
Stories worked on: Seven
Stories posted: Four
Wordcount for 2010: 223,255
Words of fic for 2010: 148,597

Specific goals progress:

1. Write at least five days per week. Yes, and more than, surprisingly.

2. Finish the last chapter of "Aftermath". No, but I think I'm close. Just some transitions to write, and solidifying the end.

3. Wrap up as many WIP as I can -- Alphabet Meme, the crossover, check my files for other things... I got one on the Alphabet Meme, but other than that... not so much.

4. Claim and write at least one [community profile] areyougame prompt. Success! A bit of Lightning/Snow. It continues to boggle my mind that I keep writing actual FFXIII stories, with more on the way; that may, in fact, be my biggest writing surprise of the year.

I didn't set goals for 2010, as such; just to write more, and keep up a regular writing habit, and finish and publish things rather than letting them languish, and I'd say that I managed that and more than managed it. I'm kind of stunned by my success on this point, really. In the spirit of building on progress, here are my goals for January and for 2011 as a whole:


1. Write an average of six days per week. (This is getting to be less a goal and more a way of life.)

2. Complete draft of the current chapter of "Aftermath". This goal is staying in the list until it gets done. No excuses.

3. Get my personal fic archive completely up-to-date.

4. Start, and ideally finish, work on another Alphabet Meme story.


1. Successfully hit the getyourwordsout target. I signed up for GYWO last year mostly to give myself a writing project framework; I never really expected to get to 200k words. But this time, they allowed us to choose 150k as an official goal, and that's the level I signed up for. Maybe that's wimping out, but for various reasons I think it makes more sense for me this year.

2. Finish "Aftermath" -- completely: signed, sealed, and delivered -- by the end of June.

3. Finish more WIPs than I start.

4. Participate in at least one Big Bang other than [community profile] megaflare_ff and/or at least one exchange other than FFEX. Time to stop being afraid of multi-fandom projects and communities. (Not that I won't participate in the above-mentioned projects! But branching out is good.)

5. Write at least three journal entries per week and at least one on a substantial topic: book or movie review, politics, current events, fandom, writing, feminist viewpoints on all of the above. I used to write more posts, and more meaningful ones. Doing the two "30 Days" projects reminded me of how much I miss doing that.

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