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And now for something completely different

Last night, at 1am, with a great deal of enabling from [personal profile] renay, I created my first Tumblr.


Not... exactly how I expected to get my start with a new online service. And maybe I'm a little behind the times, but I don't care. More Isaiah Mustafa in the world can only be a good thing, really.

Another recent foray into uncharted waters: writing for Babylon 5. I can't quite believe it myself, but there you are. Two stories posted yesterday on AO3!

Title: Anniversary
Rating: R
Characters: Susan Ivanova
Pairings: Marcus/Ivanova, Talia/Ivanova
Spoilers: Yes, through the end of Season 4
Notes: Written for Porn Battle XI. I was browsing the prompts, looking for Final Fantasy mostly. But I always check B5 prompts on multi-fandom projects, just in case, and the prompt "Susan Ivanova, memory" jumped out at me and worked on my brain for a couple of days, until I just couldn't not write it. So I wrote it in one day, posted it on the Battle page, then cleaned it up a little and put it on AO3.

All alone in the night, Ivanova remembers. AO3 version / Commentfic version

Title: The Living and the Dead
Rating: PG
Characters: Susan Ivanova, Marcus Cole
Pairings: Marcus/Ivanova
Spoilers: Yes, through Season 5
Notes: Alternate Universe. It was probably inevitable that I would write this story someday. Marcus/Ivanova is my B5 OTP -- no, really; there are other ships I like, but it's not even close. And the fact that their relationship, such as it was, ended with Marcus's death and then Claudia Christian immediately leaving the show has always left me frustrated. I suspect JMS would have given us a little more closure if he'd had more time to wrap up Ivanova's arc. So this is an AU: Ivanova stayed on as captain of Babylon 5 after the war with Earth, and was therefore on the station for the events of "Day of the Dead". This is my interpretation of what might have happened. Also written in one day. Mostly because I was afraid I'd lose my nerve if I sat on it for too long...

Ivanova gets a visitor on the Day of the Dead. On AO3 only.

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