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January update; February goals

Days written: 25/31
Words written: 14,360
Words of fic written: 10,086
Stories worked on: Six
Stories posted: Four
New fandoms ventured into: One

Off to a pretty good start. How about those goals...

1. Write an average of six days per week. Not quite, a couple days short.

2. Complete draft of the current chapter of "Aftermath". No, although I made some progress. This month, maybe, although I have a lot of projects coming this month.

3. Get my personal fic archive completely up-to-date. Success! Or, pretty much -- I have every story posted through the end of December, except for "Aftermath", which I will archive when it's complete.

4. Start, and ideally finish, work on another Alphabet Meme story. This one, I missed entirely -- I ended up doing other things instead: finished two WIPs, wrote one story for Porn Battle XI, and was bunnied so hard by that story that I had to write another one. The latter two marked my first foray into writing Bablyon 5 stories, a canon I have always loved but never before been inspired to write for. So I'd say it was worth doing that instead.

And now, project season begins... so have some goals for February.

1. Write an average of five days per week. I'm lowering expectations this month because it contains a concert week, and I'm also facing some changes at work that may cause rebalancing in other parts of my life. I hope to come back up to six days per week in March, but for now I want to give myself a little breathing room.

2. Finish draft of "Aftermath".

3. Write first draft of story for EX Mode, a game fandom remix challenge. I have my assignment, and I have some ideas about where to take it. Should be fun.

4. Play around in the Kiss Battle and halfamoon -- I already have a meta post idea for the latter, and many prompts in the former are tempting.

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