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Vorblogging - "Falling Free"

I read this story out of omnibus order based on [personal profile] justira's recommendation. I have since started "Miles, Mystery, & Mayhem" but I haven't gotten far enough to comment on it intelligently.

I find I don't have all that much to say about "Falling Free" either, although I liked it. The quaddies are an interesting bunch, and I like how Silver comes into her own, although I had more issues with Silver than I have any other woman in the series so far. I found Bujold's choice to having her trade sex with Ti for information somewhat questionable, the Leo/Silver overtones don't sit quite right with me, and I wish more had come of Silver's relationship with Van Atta -- that felt like a throwaway that could have had potentially interesting consequences throughout the revolution. Other than that, though, I enjoyed the story and found the meditations on genetic engineering and corporate slavery to be both thought-provoking and well done.

I can only assume that Bujold was setting up quaddie society to come back into play in a later story, and I look forward to seeing how it's grown. Bujold is a fantastic world builder -- it might be my favorite aspect of her work.

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