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Gone silent

I've been around, just busy, spacey, tired. Way behind on my writing schedule. Feeling alternately oppressed by and excited about world events, between the goings on in the Middle East and the political malarky at home. It feels like we're on the cusp of something, something really wonderful or really terrible, or maybe both at once.

Also it's a concert week, which will be eating my life as usual. We had our last piano rehearsal last night and we're sounding really good. Let's hope it holds up when we meet up with the orchestra tomorrow!

Finally, in media news, T and I are finally playing Dragon Age, which I expect will get a post of its own sometime soon. Enjoying it so far, for sure, although I always get a little nervous when I play a game this open, worrying I've missed some major quest or plot point by not talking to every single NPC, or by choosing the wrong option in a conversation. Non-linearity is overrated.

For complicated reasons having to do with my school's schedule, my President's Day holiday is this upcoming Friday. I cannot wait, even though the three-day weekend will be dominated by concerts and other events. But it will be worth it.

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