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Some things make a post

1. It has been a successful long weekend. Friday was entirely lazy -- I slept in, watched some Babylon 5, spent the afternoon writing -- before my concert in the evening. Concert went very well, I thought. Saturday was Dragon Age during the day and then the second concert. It was okay, not quite as good. No mistakes, really, but our energy was way down. Today was dim sum for a friend's birthday, followed by shopping, braised short ribs (which have just come out of the oven and smell delightful), and more Dragon Age. It's been nice mix of laid back, productive, and fun.

2. The writing I did on Friday? A complete draft of my Ex Mode fic. Now that it's written, I need to rethink the beginning, but I'm fairly certain of how I want to fix it, and I'm happy with how it's coming out so far.

3. Speaking of fandom challenges: DOINK! The [community profile] ff_exchange formerly known as FFEX. It's been announced for next month and I couldn't be more excited. I can never decide whether DOINK! or the Kiss Battle is my favorite event on the fandom calendar, but either way, it's coming, and I'm happy.

4. While we are on fandom things that I'm excited about: a couple of days ago, I came across an Avatar: TLA rewatch community that's on a schedule that will have them finished by the time the new series premieres! [community profile] donebykorra is watching one episode per week, with two-parters watched together; they're up to Book One, Episode 11, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to catch up to them. Anyone interested in doing so with me? I'd been wanting to rewatch the series anyway, and this seems like an excellent excuse.

5. ...I can't think of a fifth. Oh well.

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