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February update; March goals

Do I have to?

Days written: 19/28 (ugh)
Words written: 11,375
Words of fic written: 6,444
Stories worked on: 8
Stories posted: 3 (All for the Kiss Battle)

I need to learn to plan my writing time better when T and I are working on a video game. Especially now that I don't have my weekly writing morning anymore...

Okay, specific goals.

1. Write an average of five days per week. No, although I didn't miss by as much as I thought I had. Mostly because I did manage to write most days at the start of the month, largely thanks to the Kiss Battle.

2. Finish draft of "Aftermath". No. I didn't even touch it, actually. I ended up working on the Alice/Pirates fic instead.

3. Write first draft of story for EX Mode, a game fandom remix challenge. Success! I have a complete first draft. Getting it polished and posted will be my top priority for this month.

4. Play around in the Kiss Battle and halfamoon. Wrote and posted three stories for the Kiss Battle, plus worked on a fourth that didn't come together at all. So that goes into the possibly-abandoned WIP file, for now. No fic for Half a Moon, but I did write a long-planned meta post and shared it there. So I'm pleased with myself on this one.

Writing this out, this doesn't look as bad as I was afraid it was going to. Maybe it's just that so many of those writing days were small -- if you look at the chart, you can see that I had a few really huge days, punctuated by a lot of very small ones. I know that my goal is keeping up a daily writing habit, and for the most part I'm doing at least okay with that, but sometimes I still wish I could keep a more even pace. Also, I'm starting to wonder if I should count serious journal writing, like the X-2 post, as a "writing day". Maybe I could count it for one day a week? It bears thinking about, anyway.

With that in mind, March:

1. Write at least five days per week. Sticking to the lower target because March is a busy month -- travel, events -- and because of Dragon Age taking up a lot of evening and weekend time.

2. Finish and post EX Mode fic. Due on March 18th, but I would like to finish it before March 11th. Should be doable, I think.

3. Make significant progress on Alice/Pirates fic, which I would really like to finish before the new Pirates movie comes out in May.

4. Aftermath draft!

5. Wrap up some niggling WIPs -- a Chocobo Down story that's been lingering, an Alphabet Meme story I started awhile back.

I want to make a good effort to clear the decks for FFEX. And it's always worth having clear decks for FFEX....

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