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FFEX stuff!!

It is here! Final Fantasy Exchange! Sign-ups open in a couple of weeks! Hooray!

Also, the Chocobo Down lists are up, finally giving me the kick I needed to finish a story that I started as Moogle Fluff lo these many moons ago.

Title: Hidden Treasures
Fandom: FFXII
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1514
Characters: Fran, Balthier, Ashe. Ashe/Balthier
Spoilers: Not really, although it is set post game.
Notes: Written for Chocobo Down, DOINK! 2010. Prompt was "Balthier/Ashe. Balthier (and Fran) goes to steal some treasure and found that it was a trap (!) and that Queen Ashelia was waiting for them at the end."

Fran brushed the tendril of moss aside with the tip of her knife as she moved further into the dimness, Balthier but a few steps behind, his boots crunching against the loose gravel. This branch of the Zertinan Caverns was well-explored, but the Garif merchant seemed convinced: the rumors of an undiscovered cache of ancient Moogle artifacts came from a reliable source.

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