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I was in the women's restroom of a bookstore today and game across of graffiti that caught my eye. The lid of the mini trashcan was covered with "I *heart* (so-and-so)" statements, at least a dozen, including "Kelly *heart* Brandon" -- perhaps a little 90210 nostalgia? -- and the somewhat uplifting "I *heart* the world." But my favorite is a small motto written in pink marker: "I *heart* no one... and you."

The writings on the toilet paper dispenser were very different in tone. There were four different comments, all in the same handwriting, directing vitriol to students at the local high school. "I hate preps at Pally [the school's nickname]"; "(Name) is a bitchy slut who's not as cool as she thinks she is"; and so forth, each target named by first and last name. I found myself wondering what would drive a girl to write such straightforward and angry comments in this anonymous forum. And part of me is drawn to come back in a few weeks to see whether anyone has responded.
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