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The Bag Meme

Ganked from [personal profile] renay and 3_2_1. Oh-so-very image heavy.

So the idea is to take a picture of the bag you carry around along with its contents. But I couldn't narrow it down to just one; there are no fewer than four (4) bags that I use on a regular basis, and it didn't seem fair to leave one out.

The Bags

My laptop bag. I love this bag and will sing its praises at the drop of a hat. It's comfortable, holds a lot, and was hand-made by a local company (Waterfield Bags, located just a couple of miles away down 3rd Street). How do you argue with that?

My black leather purse. This is the closest I get to an "everyday" bag; it's usually the one I carry if I don't have a reason to carry one of the others. But I still only use it two or three workdays a week on average. It has a lot of internal pockets, an excellent feature in any bag but especially in one this small.

My blue suede purse that I bought in Rome. Yes, that's right: actual Italian leather. One of its best features: it's large enough to carry a hardback book. (Hardbacks and some larger paperbacks, like the one I'm reading now, don't fit in the black purse, alas.)

My red bag. I use this one on weekends and for travelling, mostly; I find it a little informal for work. It's awesome for wandering around a city, though -- many pockets, and a pouch on the front that's easy to get into and out of for quick access by me. Also, when empty, it fits really easily inside a suitcase.

The Stuff

Red bag contents, from top: expired Clark's coupon, pen, gum, battered roll of Wint-o-green LiveSavers, EcoLips lip balm (my preferred brand), more pens, sunglasses.

Black bag contents, left to right, top to bottom: "Wicked" ticket, black gloves (from our cold spell a few weeks back), paper clip, pens, lip balm (an inferior tube of Blistex), so that's where those earrings went!, Bart ticket, mints, checkbook (yes, I still carry a checkbook sometimes, mostly to pay for my monthly parking fee), Peet's coupon, large bandage, hair clip, gum, smushed Ghiradhelli mint chocolate square.

Laptop bag contents, left to right, top to bottom: laptop case (sans laptop), mechanical pencils (used mostly for marking music), random coins, gum, business card from cupcake shop, ibuprofin, pens, scrunchie, USB Flash drive for carrying files back and forth between home and work, random magazine purchased to read on a plane trip, moose bookmark, squashed granola bar (probably from that same plane trip, eww), Borders rewards card (picked up to replace the one that got stolen when a pickpocket got my wallet in Rome, but I never got around to activating it; too late now, I guess), business card from a former student, random papers from my trip to Boston last year.

Blue bag contents, left to right, top to bottom: bag of butterscotch candies (bought for use during my last concert), tassel from one of my school's graduation ceremonies, random money, hair clip, chocolate square, gum, my key to T's car, pens, lip balm.

"Hi Mom! What are you doing? Why do you keep piling stuff on the ottoman and then putting it away? I'm going to move really fast now so that you have to take a terrible and blurry picture of me."

Floaters -- these are items that I move from bag to bag, because I always want them with me, and they aren't really duplicatable like pens, gum, and lip balm. Wallet (also purchased in Rome), notebook, headphones, book, house keys, work keys, ID badge and transit pass wallet (which is also the keychain on which the work keys reside). Not pictured: my iPhone, because I was using it to take the pictures.

And there you have it. Hopefully it is at least vaguely interesting as a slice of my life. Sorry I didn't get clever and number the items in each picture like some other folks did. I thought about it, but with five photos to number I would never have gotten around to it.

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