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Vorblogging: "Memory"

The further along in this series I go, the tighter these stories are getting their hooks into me. I pick them up, and then become unable to put them down. It is, in fact, a battle to be sitting here, typing this, rather than opening "Miles in Love" to find out what happens next. Twin testament to how well Bujold weaves her tales and how much she's made me care about the characters and their fates, over both the short and long terms.

The shift to Barrayar and away from Naismith has been a long time coming, but I approve of this as a way to go about it. It didn't occur to me until a good way into the book that this was the first story since "Cetaganda" that focused on Miles as Lord Vorkosigan rather than as Naismith, although "Brothers in Arms" has him switching between the roles, to the point where he's not sure which is the role and which is the reality. "Memory" provides a satisfying resolution to that question in the person of Imperial Auditor Vorkosigan, the job Miles was probably born to do, and although I will miss the madcap antics of the Admiral, I'm really looking forward to seeing Miles mature into his new role.

I guessed the answer to the "assassination" attempt about half a page before Miles did, which is about how I like the pacing of my mysteries. Although there was a brief second where I thought Galeni might really have done it, maybe acting out some long-forgotten program coded into his memories by his father. Galeni was great, with a good arc in the side romance plot. Gregor gets better with every book. I loved seeing Illyan's human side, and the development of his romance with Alys. The scene when Miles is finally allowed to see him in the infirmary, the way he slides through his memories, out of control, Miles his only anchor, knocked me flat. Of course I adored seeing all the ways Miles showed that Ivan is the only person he trusts implicitly, as well as the affection/exasperation they share. I'm going to miss Elli Quinn a lot, but it was rather evident that she was never going to fit into his new life. The part when Miles is fighting with the temptation to rejoin the Dendarii was really wrenching; I hurt for him as he made the decision that he knew likely meant that his life with the mercenaries, and Quinn, was over for good. I was a little surprised, too; like Cordelia, I would have bet on the Little Admiral. But in the end, I agree it would have been out of character for him to betray Gregor and his father that way.

Good stuff. And it's getting harder to keep to my planned rationing schedule of reading a different book between every volume...

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