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I <3 NY

My third day in New York City is coming to a close. Despite being a little cold for my taste -- high 30s, low 40s, which is not so cold in a relative sense, but it's pretty chilly for walking around outside -- I've had a great time. Mostly I ended up doing the museum thing: the Museum of Modern Art yesterday, the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Metropolitan Museum of Art today.

I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to the MoMA since I was here visiting colleges in 1991, so I was past due for another trip there. They've completely renovated the building since then, and I enjoyed seeing the new space. Other than that, I mostly concentrated on the special exhibits. My favorite was probably a fun one on the history of the modern kitchen, but I also checked out a collection of typefaces, some recent additions to their architecture collection (including this Le Corbusier sketch that I liked so much, I took my own photo to bring with me), and a big exhibit on Abstract Expressionism, a style that I have mixed feelings about as a whole, but the power of seeing the larger scale works in person is undeniable. I spent less time on photography and the early moderns, since I feel like I've seen more in those areas in recent years.

Today's museum-going was more on impulse. The FIT exhibit -- a really cool overview of current Japanese fashion was mostly a matter of convenience and opportunity. Then, after a yummy Italian lunch, I went up to the Met, which was more about revisiting old favorites: the Louis Sullivan stairwell, the musical instruments, the Temple of Dendur, the Frank Lloyd Wright room, and especially the American Sculpture court, which is one of my very favorite places in New York. It's peaceful there, and warm, and you can hear the water and see the park.

But my favorite thing to do in New York is to be there. To walk among the buildings and the people, to feel the energy and the busyness of the streets. Because of the weather, I haven't gotten to do that as much as I would like, but even getting a little taste of it makes me happy. I've visited many places in my life, and there are many more I still want to see, but I never regret taking an opportunity to travel to New York.

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