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March update; April goals

Days written: 20/31
Words written: 9,411
Words of fic written: 3,733
Percentage of fic words written on the last day of the month: 27
Stories worked on: 4
Stories posted: 2 (One Chocobo Down, one EX Mode)

Well, that pretty much sucked. As I observed on Twitter, this is the third March in a row that I have been utterly unable to keep to a writing schedule. Not sure whether it's coincidence or otherwise -- March is a busy month, what with birthday festivities and the end of the quarter, and it seems like I often have my annual work conference event in or near March, and this year and last I had the videogame time suck problem. But I have to wonder if it's something else going on too, with rhythms of life and seasons and fandom. Fortunately, FFEX is this month, and that always helps my productivity.

Anyway, on to specific goals, where I did a little better:

1. Write at least five days per week. On a week by week basis, not even close. On average... no, still not even close. Closer to four days a week, I'd say.

2. Finish and post EX Mode fic. Done!

3. Make significant progress on Alice/Pirates fic. I worked on it, but I wouldn't say the progress was significant. That's okay, though, because...

4. Aftermath draft! ...is sent to beta! And, as of yesterday, I have a complete draft of the epilogue. I might actually finish this story. I can hardly believe it.

5. Wrap up some niggling WIPs. Finished and posted the CD story but that was all.

Except for the writing schedule, and especially given that, I did pretty well with this. And now, we put March behind us and move on to the promise of a new day in April...

1. Write an average of six days per week. Back to the higher goal, because I have no excuse not to, really.

2. FFEX assignment(s)!

3. Depending on beta, finish and post Aftermath.

Keeping it light on specifics, since I don't have my Doink! assignment yet and so it's hard to say how much time that will take up. I'm sure that will give me more than enough to do.

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