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Dragon Age!

We beat Dragon Age: Origins tonight. That final battle: oof. It took us all day. Otherwise, I would like to find something rational to say about it, but I'm afraid my brain has gone to mush with all the squeeing. I loved this game. As in, totally unabashed fangirl adoration. As in, I started a replay before we even finished the first time through. I love the world, I love the characters, I love the backstories, I love Alistair, I love the gameplay, I love the balance between sandbox and storytelling, I love Alistair. Did I mention that I love Alistair? Maybe just a little bit.

Although maybe I love Alistair a little too much, because I just couldn't force him to be king when he so clearly didn't want to be. So, much as I loved the Alistair/Elissa romance (and that was a lot, geez, it was just so ridiculously adorable) (and yes, I used the default name; I always do), I didn't get the marriage ending, wherein I presume Alistair becomes king and Elissa becomes queen and you rule Fereldin and live happily ever after. I may have to replay once as Cousland just so I can experience that moment. Still, it's a better ending than our first time through the Landsmeet, wherein I accidentally drove away Alistair by keeping Loghain alive. I couldn't believe that he was actually going to leave forever, right up through going to Redcliffe and talking to Arl Eamon and triggering the final battle in Denerim. When Alistair didn't show up there, ready to do his duty as a Gray Warden, and I realized that he really, really wasn't coming back, we erased our progress and went back and did the Landsmeet again.

Anyway, enough about that. For now. I can't promise I won't break out in fangirly joy over Alistair at another random time.

As mentioned above, I've already started a replay. Actually, I've potentially started five replays because when I was home sick last week, I played through all five other backstories. My favorite, hands-down, and the one I am carrying forward for now, is Noble Dwarf. The most interesting story, I thought, and I'm really curious to see how it will affect the way things play out in Orzammar. I liked how most of the stories caused ripples that show up throughout the game -- perhaps ironically, Cousland's background seems to have the least resonance within the story as a whole, except perhaps in some of the political machinations with Howe in Denerim.

Another thing that I love about this game is that it's not over. The high replay value, of course, but I look forward to downloading some of the extras. Unfortunately, we don't have the "ultimate" edition that comes with everything bundled, so if we don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money, we'll have to pick and choose. Any recommendations? Is Awakenings worth playing? Not to mention fic -- I have been itching for fic for weeks, but I was good and avoided spoilers and didn't go looking. And now I can! *rubs hands together with glee*

And of course there is Dragon Age 2 to come, as well. But not just yet, because Portal 2 takes priority. Oh yes. It does.

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