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April Update; May Goals; Reversathon!

First, I am participating in the [community profile] newgameplus reversathon! Go forth and leave prompts; instructions and links are here. This should be fun.

Second, April:

Days written: 25/30
Words written: 9,917
Words of fic written: 5,574
Stories worked on: 2
Stories posted: none

Specific goals:

1. Write an average of six days per week. Not quite. Pretty close, though.

2. FFEX assignment(s)! Looking good! It's back from beta and just needs another polishing run or three. I expect I'll get it posted well before the deadline.

3. Depending on beta, finish and post Aftermath. Still in beta, but I'm still on pace to make my end-of-June-is-the-end-of-Aftermath goal.

So. Um. Let's just say I'm glad I kept my goals modest. And I'm going to do the same this month; I'm starting to suspect that writing has been hard these last couple of months because I'm going into a mode that kunstarniki used to call "refilling the cup". Her theory was that, every so often, to keep from burning out entirely, it's good to have a phase of consuming creative output rather than producing it: reading, watching, playing. I am getting new ideas, fresh perspectives, immersing myself in new sources. It'll be good in the long run, even if it does make writing up these progress posts rather frustrating...

That said, I did, as noted above, sign up for a new project, and even if I hadn't, I wouldn't let myself stop writing entirely! Staying in the habit is good practice for when I switch back into output mode. So, goals:

1. Write an average of six days a week.

2. Write and post at least one [community profile] newgameplus request.

3. Wrap up and post my two WIPs started in April (my [community profile] ff_exchange fic... and one other).

4. Start working on documentation and posts for the 2011 round of [community profile] megaflare_ff. Oh yeah. It's coming.

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