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Happy DOINK Day!

The [community profile] ff_exchange reveal has occurred, and now there is much more tasty Final Fantasy fic in the world than there was this morning, including the gift written for me, a most excellent FFXIII story about Lightning and Sazh. Check it out. :)

Hard Balance by [archiveofourown.org profile] wingedserpent

As for myself, I have two stories in the collection. Both on the lighter side, which made them very fun to write.

A Little Help, FFXII, a story about Reks and Penelo and how they might have met. Gen.

Lost & Found, FFX-2, Gippal/Yuna, on a dig.

Just like last year, I didn't get my act together to write any Moogle Fluff, but I am looking very much forward to the Chocobo Down lists! I always get great ideas from them. Although this year, it will have to complete with my [community profile] newgameplus prompts, which includes much tastiness as well. An abundance of fandom riches! Just the way I like it.

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