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So when we got home from the movies last night, the DSL was down. We didn't get it back on until 11:30 this morning, so except for a couple of times I dialed in on T's computer to check my email and poke at LJ a little, I was completely offline all morning. It was a weird experience. It concerns me, actually, a little bit, the amount that I've come to depend on having access to email and AIM and LiveJournal.

Not like I didn't have anything to do this morning. I read some Gabaldon (almost halfway through now) and wrote a bit. I seem to have gone back to my old habit (broken somewhat, temporarily, while writing in the Confessional universe) of writing out of order. I write a little Zanarkand, then some Djose followed by a big section of Luca, poke a little at Bevelle (large sections of which I wrote months ago), then come back to Luca for awhile. I have written so little of AGL in a linear fashion. Whether this is good or not I can't say, but it seems to be the way this story is working for me.

So it could have been a productive morning, but it was just too strange, knowing that I couldn't poke someone via AIM if I felt like chatting, or browse LJ for an hour when I got stuck on a paragraph or after finishing a chapter. It's like I need the distractions in the background in order to focus on what I'm doing. Hmm.
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