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My first Dragon Age offering

I suppose this was inevitable, really.

Title: Tainted Dreams
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 10,161
Pairings: Alistair/Female Cousland
Spoilers: Yes, for all of Origins. May not be compliant with Awakening or the DLC.
Notes: Written for the [community profile] newgameplus reversathon. The prompt, which was from [personal profile] wallwalker, was this: "If you romance a non-hardened Alistair as anyone BUT Cousland, and he becomes king, he'll say that he can't continue the romance because he has to have an heir, and both parents having the taint is too much a risk. Apply this statement to Alistair and Lady Cousland, once Alistair is king and the two are married. They produce an heir, but there's something... wrong, somehow. What's going on, and how do they deal with it?"

DW version / AO3 Version

This prompt... oh my god this prompt. It sat up and grabbed me and ate my soul. I wrote ten thousand words in five days, and it would probably have gone even faster if I hadn't needed to take a break to finish some things for FFEX. It has everything: tasty angst, a chance to explore a major detail of canon and to imagine what the world might look like after the game was over, my shiny new OTP (because let's face it, Alistair/Warden is so my OTP for this game, and quickly becoming one of my favorite pairings ever). How was I supposed to resist?

So I suppose writing a 10k-word fic in less than two weeks (and having an almost-finished WIP in my back pocket, ready to post in a few days) is a sign that I have a new fandom, and I would love to start meeting people. I've been a little leery of just jumping in to communities, though, because I'm a game and a half behind and worried about tramping into a den of spoilers. Does anyone have recommendations for newbie-friendly comms (on DW or LJ) that have a good culture of spoiler cuts, and won't mind someone who wants to talk about older content?

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