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30 Days of FF: 03 through 05

Moving to a schedule of multiple questions every few days, for now. Maybe two, maybe three, depending on which questions go best together.

Day 03 – Your favourite Final Fantasy theme/song.

This is a hard call because there is so much FF music I love. "Zanarkand" has always haunted me, from the very first moment of FFX. The Guadosalam theme, as well, and "Moment of Truth", which is the music that plays before Operation Mi'ihen. Then there's "Terra's Theme", and the music from time compression in FFVIII, and the Great Crystal theme in FFXII.

But then I crack open my iTunes and remember: oh yes, FFIX. From the opening theme to "Vamo' alla Flamenco" (which I loved so much that, when I was watching T play the first time, I would beg him to play Chocobo Hot & Cold, and then when I finally played on my own, I probably ran through the Zidane and Blank swordfight twenty times just so I could keep hearing it), from the frog hunting music to "Roses of May" to "Not Alone"... It is my favorite FF soundtrack, hands down, and if I had to pick a single favorite track it would probably be "Vamo' alla Flamenco" -- but I don't know, ask me tomorrow, I might say something else.

Day 04 – Your favourite Final Fantasy party from your favourite game.

FFX: the entire team. I was obsessive about switching people in and out of battle so that everyone could get all the XP, and I also liked the tactics I could employ as a result: letting each character play to their strength, and shield the weak sides of the others.

Day 05 – Your favourite Final Fantasy City/Town.

I don't know that I have one, really; I tend to think more in terms of worlds and universes than individual locations. This might be colored by the fact that my first game was FFX, which was less about each town and city and more about the journeys between them -- you're not wandering around on a faceless world map, you're actually experiencing the pathways and the trails and the rivers and the mountains along the way. So maybe my answer is Spira, which continues to be my favorite videogame world of all time.

Day 06 – Favourite part of your favourite Final Fantasy game.
Day 07 – Least favourite part of your favourite Final Fantasy game.
Day 08 – Favourite Chocobo Version.
Day 09 – Favourite Moogle Version.
Day 10 – Best Final Fantasy scene ever.
Day 11 – Final Fantasy game that disappointed you.
Day 12 – Final Fantasy game you’ve played more than 5 times.
Day 13 – Your favourite version of Cid.
Day 14 – Favourite Final Fantasy male character.
Day 15 – Favourite Final Fantasy female character.
Day 16 – Your favourite Final Fantasy limit break.
Day 17 – Favourite Final Fantasy mini game.
Day 18 – Favourite Final Fantasy opening sequence.
Day 19 – Best Final Fantasy outfit.
Day 20 – Best Final Fantasy hair.
Day 21 – Favourite Final Fantasy pairing/ship.
Day 22 – Favourite Final Fantasy summon.
Day 23 – Least Favourite Final Fantasy mini game.
Day 24 – Best Final Fantasy quote.
Day 25 – Final Fantasy game you plan on playing (old or new).
Day 26 – OMG WTF? Final Fantasy moment.
Day 27 – Best Final Fantasy storyline.
Day 28 – First Final Fantasy game obsession.
Day 29 – Current Final Fantasy game obsession.
Day 30 – Saddest Final Fantasy character death.

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