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textbooks and shoulders

I was having a chat about RSI and physical therapy with one of the medical assisting teachers, and she was complaining about the monitors in her computer lab being too low. "If only I had some extra textbooks or something to prop them up." Well, I have approximately a zillion extra textbooks -- outdated books, old versions, books that we aren't using any more for whatever reason. So we went through her lab and propped up all the monitors. I'm about to do the same in my library. If you've ever got me started on the subject, you know that good ergonomics is a subject I'm fanatical about (chronic RSI will do that to a person), so I am very pleased to be able to make a contribution.

Also it seems that a long-running textbook drama is finally going to draw to a close this week. The details are long and complicated and really really boring; suffice it to say that the situation caused a lot of angst for myself and others. Since I've been dealing with this thing almost since my first day on this job, I'm really looking forward to not thinking about it any longer.

I grow weary of the restraining device, I think because I know the end is coming soon. Going to the doctor on Thursday. If she tells me to wear it for another two weeks or something, I'm gonna... well, I'm gonna do it. But I won't like it. My range of motion is nearly back to normal, I think. I was able to clip my hair up this morning (before strapping into the immobilizer) for the first time since the injury. My hair is very fine, straight, and slippery, and so normally when I put it up I end up re-doing it several times throughout the day. But of course today I can't do that, so the clip has been slowly slipping out. I actually sort of like the way the result looks, sort of a fetching messiness, although perhaps a little informal for the office. And the bangs in my eyes are sometimes annoying. Maybe if I could arrange the falling hair a little more artfully...
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