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May update; June goals

Days written: 30/31
Words written: 28,941
Words of fic written: 26,781 -- yes, really
Stories worked on: Six
Stories posted: Four (including two for [community profile] ff_exchange and one for [community profile] newgameplus)
New fandoms/OTPs wholeheartedly embraced: One of each

So, yeah. I wrote more fic in the month of May than I have in the rest of 2011 combined. Such is the joy of discovering a new fandom. I haven't had a rush like this since... wow, I don't know. Years. I did write more fic in one month last October, when I finished major composition on my first Mega Flare, but that was different. More focused. It actually felt more like an accomplishment, whereas this is more like when I started writing for the first time, with thousands of new ideas flowing and directions to go.

Anyway, specific goals, although they seem sort of irrelevant in the face of the above....

1. Write an average of six days a week. And how.

2. Write and post at least one [community profile] newgameplus request. Success!

3. Wrap up and post my two WIPs started in April (my [community profile] ff_exchange fic... and one other). Done and done -- the "other" was the Dragon Age fic that I posted today. I did a pinch hit for Doink! as well.

4. Start working on documentation and posts for the 2011 round of [community profile] megaflare_ff. Started, posted the rules/intro post, but I didn't get as much on this as I would have liked. That'll have to be my priority for the rest of the week, because signups open on Sunday! Hooray!

So, let's see about June.

1. Write an average of six days per week.

2. Finish "Aftermath". Finish "Aftermath". Finish Aftermath.

3. Finish [community profile] megaflare_ff documentation and start fleshing out my story idea.

4. Complete draft of current DA WIP.

5. Write at least one more [community profile] newgameplus story -- I have such awesome prompts and I'd like to give them more love.

Pretty ambitious, but doable, especially if my inspiration carries over and transfers.

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